Green Fest opened to make special memories for New Year

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The “Green Fest-2022” event against global climate change was officially opened on December 26. The event is being jointly organized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office, SMEs Agency, Orgil Media Management LLC, Mungun Tsoi LLC and international organizations.

As part of the event, performances and special programs will be presented to the public every day until December 31 at Sukhbaatar Square. Also, a skating rink and an ice town were built at the central square,and light decorations were made to bring out the New Year’s spirit. The Christmas trees at the central square were decorated with 100 percent recycled materials by children who participated in a UNICEF program. Moreover, the lights and polar bears were decorated with recycled materials.

In this regard, Deputy Ulaanbaatar Mayor in charge of Social Sector, Green Development and Air and Environmental Pollution Z.Tumurtumuu said, “The Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office are co-organizing events every day from December 1 to 31. The event has been postponed due to certain circumstances and was officially opened on December 26. Also, lighting decorations, an ice town and skating rink were built at the central square. The number of children and citizens coming to the central square has increased. We encourage you to come every day from 8:00 p.m. until December 31.”

People can take photos with their families and friends near the ice town and light decorations and create special memories during the New Year’s holiday. City authorities also plan to sell fast food, hot drinks and New Year-related products of SMEs at serving booths. 

Furthermore, there are booths for donating clothes and books at Sukhbaatar Square. People may come with their family and friends and make their New Year’s celebrations fun and memorable.

Misheel Lkhasuren