Housing Agency opens in Ulaanbaatar

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  • Apr 06,2016
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Last week, Housing Agency opened at Misheel Expo's building materials market to provide the public with information related to housing and listings for available real estate. There are over 250 companies engaged in construction activities in Ulaanbaatar. However, residents say they don’t have enough information about these companies, and they claim that because of a lack of information they make poor choices when making real estate purchases. Residents have also complained that there isn’t any source of integrated information about mortgage loans. The newly opened Housing Agency will provide the public with comprehensive information related to housing, locations, prices, quality, and financing. News.mn spoke with the Chairman of Housing Agency, G.Batsukh, regarding its activities. G.Batsukh G.Batsukh[/caption] How will Housing Agency operate? We opened the agency to provide the public with integrated housing information, and to support the activities of construction companies. Professional personnel will provide visitors with information and advice about housing and mortgage loan programs. What about the preparedness of the agency? Are construction companies still being registered and how many companies have been registered and the delivered their information to the agency so far? The preparedness of the agency is almost fully complete. We are now completing maintenance work. Companies are still delivering their proposals. Currently, we plan to register over 100 companies, and their registration is ongoing at 50 percent completion. We will finish registration this week. Construction companies are very interested in including their information in the listings. Will you also offer information about older residences and rental properties? How will you register them? First we will work toward supporting construction companies that are building new apartments. In the second stage, we plan to collect information about older apartments being sold. Property owners can submit information about their rental properties, too. How will you provide services? Will there be any fees charged? Services will be provided for free. People will need to deliver a request to Housing Agency to get the information they are looking for. We can say that the agency will be very useful for people interested in purchasing an apartment.