HUN Party to develop Mongolia in new way

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Mongolia’s new emerging strong political force, the National Labor Party (now changed to “HUN Party”), successfully organized its seventh Extraordinary Congress and made a number of major reforms last Saturday. 

The highlight of the Congress was the party’s adoption of a western ideology that supports a free economy, human rights, wealth creation and opportunities for citizens to do business.

The party emphasized that the Mongolian people are the “masters of the country’s wealth, the owner of the country and the creator of its development”. Therefore, the party expressed its commitment to the future development policy and action plan, which focuses on citizens to upskill Mongolians to the world level.

In line with the reform of its ideology, it changed the party’s symbol and name to “HUN Party”.

The new symbol of the party has the following meaning:

  • The supreme wealth, owner and creator of Mongolia’s development is the Mongolian people

  • The image of the arrowhead pointing to the west means that HUN Party will always uphold Mongolia’s independence and fundamental national interests and spearhead towards developing the country to global level

  • The white color is an expression of being clear, honest and truthful

  • The purple color of pasqueflower symbolizes new energy, hope and equal opportunities

      New logo and symbol


      During the Congress, Parliamentarian and Chairman of HUN Party T.Dorjkhand gave a presentation, outlining several issues.

      He said, “Generations of Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) and Democratic Party (DP) members have ruled the country for 30 years, promising to develop the country, but they have failed. As a result, Mongolia is closed, small, and poor with 3.5 million people who have no income or jobs, are stuck in traffic congestion, are stressed, face various problems, and have lost faith in the future.”


       Lawmaker T.Dorjkhand also raised issues concerning businesses in Mongolia. He pointed out that entrepreneurs are working hard and managing to do well, but they are left with tax burdens and bank debts.

      “Neither foreign nor domestic investors are interested in investing in Mongolia anymore. On the contrary, young people are talking about how to leave Mongolia, how to live abroad and what kind of businesses to do. I have been constantly confronted with the despairing eyes of the youth. The ‘legal tunnel’ of harassing businesses with permits, licenses, taxes and fees, and seizing the property of large businesses continues,” T.Dorjkhand added.

      “Welfare policies and double standards are destroying social creativity and young people are becoming less motivated to work. This is today’s reality.”


      "HUN" Party expressed that it has a clear policy to address all of today’s issues and a concrete plan for the next 30 years.

      It underlined, “We will not deceive our citizens and future generations by making empty promises and lying. We, Mongolians, have a different way to get out of the current path of ‘theft’ and to make our youth world-class people.”

      "Hun" Party’s goals and plans are as follows:

         • To create a small, digital government that respects the freedoms of its citizens

         • To support business through tax and financial policies

         • To attract foreign investment and support domestic investment

         • To implement a non-welfare workplace policy

         • To develop the information technology sector

         • To value and prioritize education

         • To establish an effective health and social protection system

         • To fight corruption realistically and persistently

         • To develop together with democratic countries

         • To develop citizens based on national identity

          The party has expressed its commitment to build a democratic, human rights-based, free economy in new ways.

          Misheel Lkhasuren