IMAX theater opens at Shangri-La Mall

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  • Jul 24,2016
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The Shangri-La Mall held its official opening last Friday, in conjunction with Mongolia’s first IMAX theater. The newly opened Shangri-La Mall includes shopping, dining and entertainment sections. Outside of Shangri-La Mall Outside of the Shangri-La Mall[/caption] Major fashion brands ofthe world have set up branches on the first and second floors of Shangri-La Mall. Q Art Gallery also opened its second branch on the first floor of the mall. Visitors can view a variety of fine dining establishments as well as a food court with international cuisines on the third and fourth floors, and experience Mongolia’s first IMAX Theater on the fifth floor. Urgoo Cinema brought the premium motion picture experience of IMAX to Mongolia. The fifth floor of the mall consists of five standard halls and one IMAX screen hall. IMAX cinema is the culmination of high technology, the highest resolution of cameras and the great quality of sound system; hence the picture is bigger, higher, and wider than your view. There were 837 IMAX theaters in 70 countries around the world, and Mongolia has been registered as the 71st country to open an IMAX theater. The IMAX theater in Shangri-La opened with the 2016 American science fiction action film “Star Trek: Beyond”. The IMAX ticket price for children is 12,000 MNT and tickets for adults cost 15,000 MNT. Game Center at Shangri-Lan Mall Game Center at Shangri-Lan Mall[/caption]