L.Oyun-Erdene: The previous Prime Minister’s strategies will be continued, petrol processing plant and Tavan Tolgoi’s railway must be finished

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Today the Great Assembly is considering the candidacy of L.Oyun-Erdene for Mongolia’s next Prime Minister. 

During this assembly, the PM hopeful said, “The previous Prime Minister’s strategies will be continued. Petrol processing plant and Tavan Tolgoi railway must be finished.” 

Furthermore, he stated his priorities will be mainly spilled into four areas. One, overcoming COVID-19 and increasing export so as to reduce the budget deficit. Two, support private sector businesses for economic stimulus. Third, systematically reinforce middle class’ income. Four, improve government services including; digitalization. L.Oyun-Erdene’s appointment is seen as a “sure thing” by observers as the ruling party has an overwhelming majority in the Great Assembly.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan