Land full of feelings

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We would like to introduce you the fascinating “A land full of humans” exhibition with a unique name which is a collaboration between a young artist and architect E.Biligt, curator Ts.Solongo and writer S.Ikhbayar.

The works of the exhibition are created by the bar-painting method, and the art of bar painting belongs to an independent genre of a line drawing or graphic art. There are evidences that this genre of art first appeared in Egypt in the 16th century BC, in the Eastern world, it appeared in the 6th century, and in the Western world, from the beginning of the Renaissance.

In general, bar painting is a unique type of painting that is done only after careful planning and calculation, with many steps. Because the imprint will be on the opposite side, the creator needs to have a very precise imagination. First, they will carve and draw their original work on various materials, such as wood, metal, and linoleum. It will be printed after it is ready. This print is reversed, so the artist needs to have a good sense of proportion and distance.

There will be more than 20 works in the “A land full of humans” exhibition, and the shadows cast on them will make you feel like they are full of people. The pictures depict people who seem to represent the past and present in time, such as a couple in a deel, a Mongolian woman, a young girl, etc. The most interesting thing is that you will feel all the feelings that you get from people’s eyes. Sad, happy, surprised, dreaming, lonely, depressed. It’s like the presence of people who are full of feelings. Everyone who goes to the exhibition will get acquainted with S.Ikhbayar’s book with the strange name “Ergemeer”. Pictures and books are inter-related.

When asked about the exhibition, artist E.Bilegt said, “The exhibition is named after a short story by the author S.Ikhbayar, ‘A land full of humans’. In the author’s stories, the characters of unknown people, who are always nameless, are often going to or searching for a place. It could be truth or enlightenment or whatever. But as for my works, why is it that people always find humanity, even in the works that I have done before? What exactly is the goal? We ponder questions like death, happiness, what is truth, enlightenment, etc., and create our imagination based on these thoughts. As for this exhibition, everyone is always looking for something in this world, in their life and within themselves. It can be happiness, love, money, enlightenment, and truth and each of us going through our own lives in search of something in our way. The idea is to express the repetition of rebirth, the passing of life and time with the long work of the plain linoleum tiger printed sequentially. That’s it.”

"People don't understand who they are and what they like, so they don’t understand the value of painting, architecture, and interior,” the artist continued. If you too want to understand who you are, check out this exhibition. The exhibition will continue until February 28 on the third floor of Khan Tower.

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