Manifestation of ‘Parallel’ worlds

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            Contemporary artists of Human Nature Love Freedom movement are showcasing “Parallel” exhibition at MN17 Art Gallery. 

The government of Mongolia has declared heightened state of readiness across the nationwide and banned public activities and cultural events to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, under the initiative of MN17 Art Gallery, with the support of the Government Implementing Agency for Culture and Arts, “Parallel” contemporary joint exhibition project is being showcased.

The exhibition was opened on February 22, 2020, but it was closed in March due to the ban on public measures placed to prevent the coronavirus outbreak, but organizers have reopened the exhibition.

The main purpose of the exhibition is to study traditional life, heritage and customs, and understand the social spirit and human nature.

The exhibition was put by B.Bat-Orgil, B.Bat-Erdene, Ts.Davaajargal, D.Dorjderem, S.Ganzug and J.Gantulga. The artists explore parallel worlds of various colors and design, and projected their imagination through different art mediums, including sound, multimedia, video, sculpture, painting, photography, performance, and installations.

Art researcher B.Uchral said, “At a time when the world is under a lockdown, artists and creative thinking must never stop, and continue their work in a closed gallery space may seem like a premeditated, deliberately prepared signal from the parallel world. In fact, each of their exhibitions is a sign of something.”

Human Nature Love Freedom movement has organized 15 exhibitions since 2013.

“Art is a conditioned virus of signaling that has entered the human being ...” B.Uchral

Misheel Lkhasuren