Meet Biirchin - An Entrepreneur Running Two Successful Ventures in Food and Information Technology

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With the advent of digital marketing and social media, the opportunities in this field have increased manifold with a competitive spirit at the corner. But only those who survive and excel and know where to hit the rod and strategize their movements. One such prime example is Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar, a leading entrepreneur who has expertise in social media marketing and content distribution. He is a major influencer and the founder of Virtual Union LLC, a leading digital marketing and IT firm based in Mongolia. He is also the CEO of Dragon's Breath Mongolia, a food venture that specializes in Bubble Tea and Ice cream.

Chuluunbaatar has also been offering IT Outsourcing services based on professional Microsoft Certified engineers. Commonly known as Biirchin, the Mongolian entrepreneur also manages rappers and artist music under the "Biirchin" moniker that helped him gain a worldwide presence. He is also skilled at making Instagram Filter using SparkAR.

Bavuusuren is also an AR specialist since 2019 and hosts a lifestyle podcast called HR Management Lab's Podcast Speaks, that talks about his life's hardships, triumphs, and struggles he underwent. The first episode of this podcast was released on March 15, 2020.

Since a young age, Bavuusuren has been tech-savvy with a love for computers and programming. He has studied IT Engineering at Huree University of ICT.

Talking about his professional journey, Bavuusuren has worked as an IT Engineer at Mongol Mining. Thereafter, he joined Empasoft as a System Administrator. After two years of experience, Bavuusuren started his own venture in the name of Virtual Union which is running successfully today. Not only this, Bavuusuren has also bagged the leading young businessman award two times in a row for the years 2019 and 2020.

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