Mongolian researcher publishes in “Plant Physiology”

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Plant Physiology, a world-renowned and leading journal in the field of plant research, published by the American Society of Plant Biologists, operates to train the next generation of editors and reviewers and to disseminate the discoveries and achievements of plant research. The best young researchers are selected and employed by the editorial board for two years. Dr. Ts.Munkhtsetseg, who is working at the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (ICCT) of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, was selected as one of the best young researchers to be invited to the upcoming year’s editorial board. Ts.Munkhtsetseg will work in the editorial office of Plant Physiology magazine starting in January 2024, together with the best young researchers from the world’s best universities and research centers, such as Stanford and Cambridge.

Dr. Ts.Munkhtsetseg worked as the head of ICCT until September 2022 and is currently continuing her research as a visiting researcher at the Plant Biotechnology Research Center Academia Sinica, Taiwan. During her work abroad, she cooperates with the researchers of ICCT and works as the editor-in-chief of the “Mongolian Journal of Chemistry”, which was the first from Mongolia to be registered in the international Scopus database.

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