Mongolian Sustainable Finance Forum 2016 to be held on Friday

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The Mongolian Bankers’ Association has partnered with the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism (MEGDT) to organize the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Forum (MSFF) on November 25 at Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel, kicking off at 8:30 a.m. During the third MSFF, stakeholders will assess the progress of both the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Program and the Green  Credit  Fund, set future targets and visions, and discuss further cooperation between banks and non-banking financial institutions. The event aims to inspire local companies to pursue  green  initiatives through interactive sessions to exchange information about successful green practices in energy, industry, and agriculture; and to enhance the participation of the public and private sectors in sustainable development and strengthen their partnership. In 2015, Mongolian banks adopted MSFF recommendations and guidelines for mining, construction, agriculture, and production. Accordingly, banks have issued financing for projects that are environmentally-friendly, low risk, and beneficial to the nation. This year’s forum will be held as part of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030: Planning to Implementation National Forum to be hosted by the MEGDT, Ministry of Finance, a working group led by the Prime Minister, and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Economy.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan