Mongolians abroad say their right to vote is being violated

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  • May 29,2016
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Representatives of Mongolians residing and studying abroad held a press conference to say that their right to give vote is being violated under the new Election Law. They say that under the amended law, 150,000 Mongolians abroad can’t cast votes, and they are delivering a demand to the General Election Commission and Foreign Affairs Ministry to review the issue, and submitting a petition to the Constitutional Court protesting what they see as a breach of the Constitution. Representative of Mongolian voters abroad said, “Pursuant to Article 3.1 of the Constitution, all the authority of the state belongs to the nation. The Mongolian nation is eligible to be directly involved in the state's affairs and exercises this right through the institution of electing the state's representatives. Under Article 16.9, the public is eligible to participate in state affairs through representative bodies. They have the right to elect representatives of state organizations and to be. According to Article 21.2 of the Constitution, all eligible citizens should cast their votes anonymously and elect Members of Parliament for a term of four years. However, under the amended Election Law these rights are being violated. “Mongolian citizens living, working, and studying abroad are investors in Mongolia, at some point, they are working hard to develop Mongolia. But now, we can’ t exercise  our rights guaranteed through the Constitution.”