MP D.Batbayar responds to offshore account allegations

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  • May 29,2016
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A searchable database published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) as part of the Panama Papers investigation includes 49 results for Mongolia. One of the Mongolian offshore account holders listed is  D.Batbayar, a Member of Parliament with the Democratic Party and former professional sumo wrestler who competed under the name Kyokushuzan Noboru. Soon after the ICIJ revealed the names of offshore account holders, D.Batbayar made a statement declaring that he does not own an offshore account and that he has not been involved in any offshore companies, and he approached the nation's legislative bodies to have the issue investigated. D.Batbayar gave a follow up statement this week announcing the results of an investigation by the Independent Authority Against Corruption and the Police Department. “There are 49 Mongolians who are involved with offshore accounts according to the ICIJ investigation. My name is included among these 49 Mongolian citizens. Previously, I have admitted that I hold four or five accounts in Japan, but these accounts were opened 20 years ago, when I started practicing professional sumo wrestling. No money from Mongolia was deposited to these accounts, but was withdrawn for transfer to Mongolia. “I asked the Independent Authority Against Corruption, General Intelligence Agency, and the Police Department to double check the data provided by the ICIJ. Mongolian legislative bodies have conducted an investigation and found out that the Batbayar Davaa who  appears in the ICIJ database is a different person who shares my first name and last name. Documents prove that this person is not me. This person, D.Batbayar, established an offshore company with the Mongolian citizen Kh.Bum-Erdene in 2007. “The legislative bodies are now investigating these people. With these documents I have proven that I don’t hold an offshore account, repairing my reputation. I am the first person out of these 49 people who has approached legislative bodies to have the data checked. I advise those people whose names appear in the ICIJ database to have the information checked by Mongolian legislative bodies as well. "An official letter from the police says that they have found that I have no relations to an offshore company. I just want to let others know that such confusion happen sometimes.” During the press conference, MP D.Batbayar also announced that he has submitted materials to compete in the upcoming parliamentary election under the Democratic Party.