N.Altanshagai carves adorable animals out of wood

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Sculptor and woodcarver N.Altanshagai has unveiled his “Zura” solo exhibition, presenting a unique composition of wood sculpture to the audience.

    Born in Zavkhan Province in 1986, the artist graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts. His wood carvings are inspired by natural laws and the animal world. He creates impressively detailed animal sculptures. The new sculpture series includes bear, saiga antelope, tiger, colts and Alashan ground squirrel.

Some wooden figurines capture the playful nature of each mischievous creature, while others convey sadness and suffering of animals. At first glimpse, the carvings seem to manifest the simple movements of animals, but on deeper examination, it appears as if the animals are asking for help. In particular, N.Altanshagai’s wooden figure of the Mongolian saiga is looking down sadly, making it clear that it is suffering in some way. The artist has creatively depicted the woe and hardships of the Mongolian saiga, a critically endangered species.

     The key feature of this new exhibition is the addition of a miniature golden items, such as another animal, placed together with each figurine.

  After carving with excellent precision, N.Altanshagai then brings the pieces to life through the coloring process. He did not paint some of the carved animals in their natural colors, but used bright and intermediate colors to make his work special and unique. The sculptor also has his own art “brand” that he writes on his masterpieces in Mongolian script. It is impossible to imagine a masterpiece of carving without the refreshing smell of wood and sawdust.

To feel it in person and see more of N.Altanshagai’s sculptures, stop by the Art Gallery, south of Dunjingarav Shopping Center in Bayanzurkh District. The exhibition will be on display through October 10.

Misheel Lkhasuren