N.Namuu: No car plate restriction during Tsagaan Sar holiday

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In connection with the approach of the Lunar New Year holiday aka Tsagaan sar, the Ulaanbaatar Traffic Police Department (UTPD) and the Transport Police Department (TPD) provided detailed information on the measures to be taken and the work to be carried out shortly.

N.Namuu, the head of the Traffic Regulation and Control Department of the UTPD, said, “This year, the number plate restriction will not apply on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of the Tsagaan Sar. Since January 30, the school holidays are over and the Tsagaan Sar is approaching and there has been an increase in the number of people traveling to large commercial and service markets, such as Namyanju Street, Ikh Toiruu, Sun Bridge, Sun Road, Chingeltei Avenue, Moscow Street, Enebish Avenue and Chinggis Avenue are busy throughout the day.”

The UTPD and the TPD emphasized that road load reduction works are being carried out step by step and that they are effective. On January 21, 2023, organizing traffic at Zaisan toiruu, some parts of Dunjingarav Road, and the northeast intersection of the Mongolian University of Life Sciences had a good effect on the following streets. It includes:

  • - Mongolian State University of Education’s Intersection /from left to right/
  • - Yarmag Bridge /West to East/
  • - Enkhtaivan Bridge /from North to South/

In the past, there were many one-sided towings on the main streets during peak hours, but now it is considered more appropriate to carry out the work of monitoring and enforcing the traffic laws according to the main function, without entering the traffic police officer in the middle of the road.

To further improve the traffic management of Zaisan toiruu, a 21-day study was conducted, and as a result of the study, activation of the “School Police” program, improvement of traffic signs for pedestrians and vehicles, widening and renewal of the lanes on the left side of Zaisan toiruu, pedestrian paths, and bus-stop renovation works are planned for the stations.

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