Observe your SPIRIT!

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Artist T.Tumenbayar is illustrating his artworks created since 2015 in his first solo exhibition named “Spirit”.


  He is presenting six sculptures and two paintings in the exhibition, and he explained that he only made one piece in a year. It can be seen that his philosophical mind permeated his masterpieces.

  T.Tumenbayar is not only a sculptor, but has many specialties, namely cultural anthropology, medicine, philosophy and Buddhist philosophy. Therefore, his fine art works seem like masterpieces of philosophy. He said that he always strives to know himself and understand the meaning of things, so he reflects his philosophy in his works.

     For instance, named after the exhibition, “Spirit” piece is depicted as a representation of nature’s wild spirit (known as Savdag) and human body. Mongolians respect and worship nature as they consider that land and water have their own spiritual masters. Some researchers view that shamans originally conceived these invisible beings and gradually gave them form and began to worship them as spirits. The land spirits are called Savdag in Mongolia, while water spirits are named Lus. 

Curator Tsendpurev said, “Since I started working with him, he has never asked me to promote him on social media, but I offered him to launch his solo exhibition. He has a desire to preserve tradition and strive for innovation, has high creative skills, has a scientific attitude, and is adept at learning. He spent four years preparing for his first exhibition, one year on concept training, and half a year on thinking, pondering, working with himself, and developing his concept.”\

Come to the “Spirit” exhibition and feel your inner world. The exhibition will be on display until March 29.

Misheel Lkhasuren