Observing the ‘Natural Order’

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  • Aug 17,2016
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A group exhibition by young artists, “Natural Order”, was on view at the art gallery of the Union of Mongolian Artists from August 8 to 15. Young artist B.Namuun, Union of Mongolian Artists prizewinner A.Ochirbold, and Germany-based artist Ts.Gan-Erdene displayed over 20 works in the exhibition. A.Ochirbold’s installation “Disgrace” was placed at the center of the gallery. He used metal and mud to depict a cow’s paunch and dung. The artist said, “The natural order must be right, but the natural order in human life is going in the wrong direction. I want to show that through 'Disgrace'. People forget that they are part of nature, and announce that they are the creators of everything. That is not development but disgrace.” Winner of the Nord Art Public Choice Award for his 5-meter-tall steel sculpture "Man is not an abundance on the earth", A.Ochirbold has been a sculpture and installation artist since 1998. thumb-img-4740-1024_orig "SCAR" by A.Ochirbold[/caption] Artist B.Namuun lives and works in Munster, Germany. She mainly creates installations and sculptures. She examines universal communications and comprehensibility by arranging everyday objects and tools in unexpected ways, such as piling them on top of each other or reversing patterns. Her unique approach is captured in “Basket (for collecting dung)”. thumb-img-4772-1024_orig "BASKET (for collecting dung)" by B.Namuun[/caption] Ts.Gan-Erdene also lives and works in Munster, Germany. In his artwork the nature of both Mongolia and Germany come together. Mongolian horses serenely standing or wandering on the shore of the North Sea of Germany are portrayed in many of his works. The artist has affection for this area, as the beauty of its vastness and remoteness, the color of the sea and its swashes, the bright sunshine, and clear sky remind him of the Mongolian Gobi, where he spent his childhood. thumb-img-4759-1024_orig "REUNION" by Ts.Gan-Erdene[/caption] thumb-mg-4782-1024_orig "INSEL" by Ts.Gan-Erdene[/caption] thumb-img-4798-1024_orig "CHECKMATE" by Ts.Gan-Erdene[/caption] thumb-img-4755-1024_orig "TWO WORLD" by Ts.Gan-Erdene[/caption]