Paintings that always have positive meaning

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          At the Art of UB gallery, a solo exhibition of the State Honored Artist Ts.Tsegmed “Colors of Land and Sky” is underway until September 9. This exhibition is more unique than Tsegmed’s previous exhibitions because it combined his style with contemporary abstract flow. He has held many solo and joint exhibitions domestically and in foreign countries such as Japan and the United States.

Art collectors find his pieces to be rather than just a “hanger” on a wall, but an investment on the mind. He is known for his own style of shapes and colors that call upon all greatness and magnificence to a people’s life through the subconscious mind. Every art piece of his has a symbol and mark that has deeper meaning to it.


In his art “Emotion”, he mentioned that this is his first painting which he drew in 1994, and he thought of describing his feelings through abstract contemporary style. Regarding his painting “White falcon amulet of happiness”, he said that at first he didn’t think of anything while drawing this and that it just came to him. When he thought of why he drew a white falcon, he saw that there was a “Builan” mark on its chest, which represents leadership. The artist thought the white falcon was leading happiness to whoever it owned. Under the painting it has a triangle with a mark that it believes to be complete bliss and happiness. On his marks that he draws on paintings, he said that initially, he used petroglyphs and he understood the art well. Eventually just as he started to draw a line, it became a mark or a petroglyph without him thinking too much into it.

'White falcon amulet of happiness'

For me, the “White falcon amulet of happiness” made me feel proud and joy that made me believe I could be anything and have confidence. After I heard what the painter thought of the painting, the more I believed in it and the less worried I was about my future as I believed stronger beings will make great things happen.

As for “Heavenly migration”, the bright colors popping from the background of the camels and its shadows were intriguing. You could even see the deer petroglyphs on top of the camels and the symbols in the middle.

'Heavenly migration'

Painting “Lonjid-Tugsjargal” was attractive with its smiling figure. It almost had the same color tones as the rest. For me the painting showed a tall sunflower with birds resting on its leaves. And the horses chilling under the sunflower, almost bowing down to the tall figure. The face of the flower was creepy and calming at the same time, as it has a peaceful smile and yet too peaceful as if something is wrong.


Amarjargal Munkhbat