Park to be built on area of 250 hectares in Bayanzurkh District

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As of last year, the green area of Ulaanbaatar was 637.7 hectares. This is a 3.6 times increase compared to 2010. However, the amount of green area per person is three to four times less than the big cities of the world. Therefore, the authorities of the capital city focus on providing healthy and comfortable living conditions for citizens, and plan to build a park in each district and increase green area per capita.


One of the major projects to be carried out in Bayanzurkh District to increase the green area of Ulaanbaatar city is to build an international eco-park on the area of 300 hectares of fresh water resources in the 23rd and 28th khoroos of the district.

This work was initiated in order to protect drinking water sources, reduce air pollution, and increase green area, as well as create an environment for citizens to spend their leisure time properly. In accordance with the general plan, 250 hectares of the park belong to usage, and 70 to 80 percent of it will be planted with trees and grass. In addition, about 200 parking lots, road, pedestrian and bicycle paths will be built.


Big constructions are definitely important for creating a comfortable environment for citizens to spend their leisure time and for children to play. It is possible to create a comfortable environment even in a small area. For example, a small garden with a green area and a 3x3 basketball court were built in the 9th khoroo of Bayanzurkh District. This area was cleaned and leveled from a ravine filled with garbage and pedestrian and bicycle paths, bowers, and a 3x3 basketball court was built. Moreover, it became a car-free street, which has become a favorite place for residents to spend their leisure time.

“The environment has been improved, so people have stopped littering, and families in the neighborhood have re- paired their fences. The citizens of this area also take care to keep the environment clean and protect the children’s playground,” said a resident of the 9th khoroo.

Misheel Lkhasuren