Parties and coalition name candidates

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On September 1, political parties and coalitions announced candidates to run in by-elections of Songinokhairkhan District and Khentii Province, set to take place on October 10, in accordance with the Law on Parliamentary Election of Mongolia.

The National Policy Committee of the Democratic Party (DP) nominated former Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul for the by-election in Songinokhairkhan and former lawmaker B.Garamgaibaatar for Khentii’s during its meeting on Wednesday.

The National Policy Committee of DP convenes on September 1.

E.Bat-Uul competed in the 2020 parliamentary election from Khentii and received the lowest score among DP candidates in the constituency. While the party’s candidates J.Oyunbaatar and T.Purevkhatan received more than 12,000 votes and 10,000 votes respectively, E.Bat-Uul received merely some 6,000 votes.

B.Garamgaibaatar served as chairman of DP caucus in Parliament after getting elected to Parliament from Khentii in 2012. He was recently appointed as deputy chairman of the party.

During its Conference, convened on September 1, the current ruling party Mongolian People Party (MPP) nominated former President N.Enkhbayar’s son E.Batshugar for the by-election in Songinokhairkhan and Governor of Khentii Province Ts.Iderbat for the province’s.

Conference of MPP meets virtually on September 1.

The party had received requests from seven people to run in the by-elections by August 25.

Last May, then-Chairman of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party N.Enkhbayar announced that he submitted a request to dissolve the party to the Supreme Court to join MPP. There are rumors that when N.Enkhbayar merged his party with MPP, the sides agreed to nominate his son for Songinokhairkhan’s by-election. E.Batshugar previously declared his candidacy for the respective district in parliamentary elections in 2016 and 2020. He finished fourth in his constituency in the last election.

The Board of Right Person Electorate Coalition nominated Chairman of Board of National Labor Party (NLP) B.Naidalaa for the Songinokhairkhan’s by-election. He competed in 2020 parliamentary election from Chingeltei District.

Chairman of the NLP and lawmaker T.Dorjkhand said that the coalition will not nominate a candidate for the by-election in Khentii, but will support an independent candidate or party “with the knowledge and experience that meet the coalition’s values, principles and common interests”.

Chairman of Truth and Right Party A.Otgonbaatar and Chairman of Freedom Implementing Party Sh.Tumursukh will run for office from Songinokhairkhan. A.Otgonbaatar declared his candidacy for Uvurkhangai Province in the latest parliamentary election.

The United Citizens Coalition Party nominated its Deputy Chairman Ts.Gantulga for Songinokhairkhan and Paralympic champion D.Baatarjav for Khentii.

Besides these parties and coalition, the General Election Commission (GEC) receive candidates from World Mongolian Party, Ger District Development Party, People’s Majority Government Party and Civil Will-Green Party for the by-elections. However, the candidates of these parties have not been identified yet.

As of September 2, lawyer and independent candidate Kh.Bat-Yalalt has submitted his documents to GEC to run in the by-election of Songinokhairkhan. Independent candidates will be eligible to run in the by-elections if they collect a minimum of 801 signatures from the public. GEC will receive the materials of independent candidates until September 6.

Candidates are required to submit their assets and income declarations to the Mongolian National Audit Office by September 4 and relevant documents to GEC by September 5.

The two by-elections will be held to find replacements for D.Sumiyabazar, who was elected to Parliament from Songinokhairkhan District but had to resign to assume position as Ulaanbaatar mayor, and President U.Khurelsukh, who was elected as lawmaker from Khentii Province before becoming president.

Misheel Lkhasuren