Parties and coalitions to submit statement by August 11

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Last week, the General Election Commission of Mongolia (GEC) approved a schedule of by-elections to be held in Songinokhairkhan District and Khentii Province on October 10.

In accordance with the schedule, political parties and coalitions must submit a statement to the GEC before August 11, and the commission will decide whether to register them for the election race within five days.

Moreover, parties and coalitions must submit the relevant documents to the GEC by September 6 to register their candidates. The election campaign will run from September 18 to October 8.

In accordance with Article 25.1 of the Law on Parliamentary Election, which stipulates that migration from one administrative unit to another shall be stopped 60 days before the polling day and resume the day after the polling day, domestic migration was stopped in Songinokhairkhan and Khentii.

The list of voters to participate in the by-elections shall be posted on the website of the General Authority for State Registration of Mongolia on August 29.

D.Sumiyabazar, who was elected to Parliament from Songinokhairkhan District to Parliament, was appointed as Ulaanbaatar mayor and resigned from the legislature, while President U.Khurelsukh was elected as lawmaker from Khentii Province before becoming president. The by-elections are to be held to fill the vacant seats in Parliament.

Misheel Lkhasuren