Perceive beauty of Mongol zurag at ‘Time Bureau’ art show

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Painter D.Jadamba, who draws graphics and Mongol zurag, unveiled his “Time Bureau” solo exhibition at the gallery of the Union of Mongolian Artists.

He used light colors to depict the figures of gods, and also used oblique lines to illustrate the simple life of Mongolians in black and white. 

Mongol zurag, literally translated as Mongolian painting, which started from rock cave paintings has been carrying the unique culture of the nomads and herders during its development over many centuries. The national painting, which is a mirror of its society and history, has been enriched with new materials, methods, and themes in addition to the traditions of the past, and now it has formed a new style. It stands out from the paintings of any nation due to its pattern and flat shape.

Throughout its history, Mongol zurag has encompassed a diverse range of visual styles. Flat and brightly colored shading in the Buddhist tradition is used alongside European-style realism and geometric perspective. Some Mongol zurag artists co-opted older Buddhist iconographic conventions for purely secular topics.

Art lovers and admirers are invited to visit D.Jadamba’s solo exhibition which permeates the heritage of nomadic thinking and craftsmanship. The “Time Bureau” exhibition will be on display until February 10.

Misheel Lkhasuren