Perceive the beauty of ceramic art at ‘Okhi’ exhibition

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Ceramic art is an amazing form of three-dimensional artwork made out of clay. Experimenting with this spectacular art, ceramic artist and member of the Union of Mongolian Artists L.Ochirsukh has unveiled his “Okhi” solo exhibition, which reflects the connection between consumption and art.

    L.Ochirsukh often uses twisted and converging lines and circles resembling tree rings that represent the age of trees and harnesses the strength and beauty of the clay to make artistic pottery and ceramic plates.

        He specialized in sculpture at the Rajiv Gandhi School of Crafts under the guidance of professor Sh.Lkhagvatseren in 2006, and studied pottery under G.Sereeter at the School of Fine Arts of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture.

    L.Ochirsukh has contributed to the ceramics community for decades. His artworks illustrate his efforts to safeguard and promote the essence of traditional ceramic arts while blending a fresh breath of modernity.

The exhibition, which will run until February 9 at B Contemporary Art Gallery, can provide the public with an opportunity to admire ceramic art that can be used in daily life.

Misheel Lkhasuren