Perceiving the world of queer artists through art

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As part of the Art for Rights Initiative, the LGBT Center Mongolia is hosting “Queer Artists 2022”, the first-ever exhibition of Mongolian LGBTIQ+ artists, at the B Contemporary Art Gallery.

'Stillness,' 2022

A total of 21 queer artists are showcasing their artworks, including paintings, video art, and photography, at the exhibition. Under the “Beyond the Blue Sky” creative project, these artists were selected to undertake 15 courses such as intellectual property and art history courses.

They aimed to express human rights and equality in their works. Specifically, the exhibition is filled with messages of hope, love and survival that offer strength to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, in these most extraordinary times.

'Touch and Go,' 2022

Program Manager of the LGBT Center Mongolia Kenna highlighted that it is important that Mongolian people recognize that LGBTIQ people exist and that they, too, have artistic talents.

Kenna continued, “In general, art is a great force to move society and give understanding. Queer artists are secretive, often hiding their sexual orientation and gender orientation. Therefore, it is essential that they encourage each other.”

'Self-portrait,' 2022

CEO of the B Contemporary Art Gallery A.Munkhtuya said, “Our gallery is a place that is open to anyone, without discrimination. Artists are people who have excellent tastes. In particular, these artists today have displayed works of exquisite and unique tastes, which bring another advantage to the exhibition.”

'Xenization,' 2022

The “Queer Artists 2022” joint exhibition will be open free of charge until March 2. On the sideline of the exhibition, various public events are planned for visitors.

The exhibition is funded by the International Relief Fund for Organizations in Culture and Education of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and other partner organizations.

'Pink,' 2022

The LGBT Center Mongolia was founded in 2007 and is the first and only organization dedicated to upholding the human rights of the LGBTIQ+ community in the country.

Misheel Lkhasuren