Postmodern art show highlights social issues

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Photography is no longer seen as a way of documenting reality but as a genuine art medium. Emerging young photographers Katogami (G.Anand) and Sapphiriot (N.Soninbayar) are expressing the social and psychological problems, crises and feelings of people through artworks, instilling a mentality to overcome them and showing reality.

They have re-launched their joint exhibition “For Those Who Lost”, which focuses on the expression of contemporary phenomena and emotions through photography and live music.

     The exhibition of postmodern art proves that the artists wanted to look beyond the opposing ideals of romanticism. They adopted different historical styles and combined them with new forms. In this exhibition, all past expressions of art were mixed and blended in new digital montage techniques, which offers viewers an opportunity to see the social, political and economic realities and traverse contemporary society.

Most of their photographs are in black and white. By giving the audience a different perspective of the world, the two photographers showed us their world in different shades by playing with various shades of gray, shadows and lights.

Their joint exhibition aims to promote the postmodern movement in Mongolia, combine music with fine arts, and support young artists by organizing activities that are unique to photography enthusiasts and listeners of live music. In particular, Deep Sea Vincents and Teresa in the Moon will perform at the exhibition on April 30.

          The “For Those Who Lost” exhibition will be on view through May 2 at the Contemporary Art Center of Mongolia.

Misheel Lkhasuren