Rescue your mind with S.Sarantsatsralt’s contemporary art

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Artist S.Sarantsatsralt has launched her “Mind Rescue” solo exhibition at Khaan Gallery to save our minds from “drowning”.

The artist showcased nine pieces of art that show the familiar and cruel aspects of life we encounter at our every step – even the ones we choose to turn a blind eye on or don’t notice sometimes. You will not see anything positive or bright at the exhibition this time because the artist has portrayed only her concerns about the pessimistic attitudes of most Mongolians and people’s harm to the environment.

She has transformed our daily necessities into art, reflecting her sensitivity, tenderness and pain.

The rubbish we throw away, the social fame we love, and items we always use are all fundamental parts of this exhibition.

Paper cups, used diapers, water bottles, fur coats, as well as lost items and disturbing scenes can seem strange and familiar at the same time. It demonstrates that anything can be turned into art and gives something for people to ponder on if viewed from a different perspective. In general, “Mind Rescue” shows us that contemporary art exists right now, is among us, and expresses everything conceptually.

S.Sarantsatsralt said, “In fact, within the concept, the garbage installation should actually be quite smelly. It was intended to irritate people’s minds through their sense of sight and smell. However, as the gallery is located in an office or service building, we couldn’t have it smelling bad. That’s why I threw away the stinky trash.”

What can we do to avoid endless consumption, its harms, and pollution that will never end? The answer to this question can be found at this solo exhibition. Come to save yourself, face yourself, win yourself, sometimes lose yourself. In short, “rescue your mind”. The exhibition will be on display through September 30.

Misheel Lkhasuren