Saliva based COVID-19 testing begins

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On March 30, the Ministry of Health received permission from scientists of the National University of Medical Science to introduce a saliva coronavirus test method. Associate Professor D.Nyambayar reported that COVID-19 test through saliva will start at the National University of Medical Science on March 31.

“This is the first domestically produced test for COVID-19 that uses saliva. Most notably, it is the world’s first diagnostic tool that uses saliva,” he highlighted.

The COVID-19 saliva detector can theoretically give faster results. Samples will be stored for 14 days and the cost will be two to three times cheaper the PCR tests. Scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia have been developing the saliva test since December 2020.

Imported medical tools are currently being used for COVID-19 testing, which are costly and time consuming.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar