Shine Uye production brings laughter with new show ‘Friends’

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  • May 16,2016
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One of the leading comedy groups in Mongolia, Shine Uye (new generation) Production, is meeting the audience with a brand new comedy show named “Friends”, starting from May 6. The show is being highly praised by the audience and critics in Mongolia with its fresh and innovative structure. A stage comedy show usually consists of around five acts, but Shine Uye actors are featuring seven acts in their latest show and are being very-well received by the audience. Shine Uye Production is the Gold Cup winner of the Best Laughter Festival, carried out among comedy groups, productions and performers. Shine Uye has brought joy and laughter to Mongolians all over the world since 1999 through its stage performances, television shows and comedy movies. Annually, the Shine Uye team meets audiences with three to four brand new stage shows a year. Each comedy show is staged 30 to 40 times, bringing thousands of audiences joy and laughter. Most recently, Shine Uye Production staged two comedy shows, namely “Sensational Couple”, which was staged 30 times in March, and staged “All Because of Selfie” comedy show 40 times in September 2015. Comedy arts and performances have started gaining popularity in Mongolia in early 1990s. Artists of Shine Uye Production, State Honored Artists N.Ariunbold (Booyo) and L.Battulga (Agluu), have made great contributions to the development of comedy arts in Mongolia since then, becoming two of the best comedy artists of the country. So far, Shine Uye Production has produced four comedy movies, which topped the domestic movie charts for a long time. Every comedy performance and plays produced by Shine Uye becomes a hit among Mongolian audiences, especially among children, youth and the elderly. Comedy plays often depict common social dilemmas and conflicts in Mongolia. Shine Uye Production is viewed as a master of such pieces.