Shortest route to sea to be built through China

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        Transport Minister S.Byambatsogt worked in Liaoning Province, China. He met with the provincial chairman Li Leqing and Vice Governor of the Provincial People’s Government Jin Guowei, to introduce road infrastructure projects and invite them to cooperate. Liaoning Province is the most important strategic city in China with six seaports. It ranks first in the country in terms of economic indicators and has a population of 43 million. Mongolia is the main part of the transport corridor connecting Asia and Europe. In that sense, Sukhbaatar Province’s Bichigt port is aiming to have the shortest route to the sea through China’s Jinzhou port. The shipping route from Bichigt to Jinzhou Port is 866 km. Therefore, as part of the New Revival Policy put forward by the government, the government intends to implement major projects such as building a railway in the east region with Choibalsan-Huut-Bichigt and Sainshand-Baruun-Urt-Huut-Bichigt routes, increase capacity and build freight terminals of Bichigt border port, and connect Bichigt port with a paved road. With the implementation of these projects, there will be a new circle of economic and social development cooperation between Mongolia, China, Japan, Russia, and South Korea in the Eastern region, and we will have the shortest route to the sea. In addition, investments in the eastern region will increase, and the development of road, transport, energy, mining, and heavy and light industries will reach a completely new level. Trade and transportation will be facilitated, and the cost of transportation of goods will be significantly reduced. New jobs will be created and the standard of living of citizens will increase. Gross domestic product will increase dramatically and provide economic growth.

Amarjargal Munkhbat