Snow blizzards expected

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Secretary of State Emergency Commission Colonel T.Bayarkhuu gave a warning about the dangerous weather phenomenon. According to the information provided by the National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring, there will be snow and blizzards in the western part of the western provinces on December 4, the western part of the central provinces, the eastern part of the western province, most of the central and eastern provinces, and some parts of the Gobi province on December 5. The wind is expected to reach six-11 meters per second in most areas, and it is expected to temporarily reach 18-20 meters per second in most areas on December 5 and 18-20 meters per second in the eastern half of the country on December 6.

Therefore, citizens, herdsmen, and transporters should be vigilant and follow the instructions and advice given by professional organizations. Citizens and herdsmen should prevent the risk of getting lost in a windstorm, the risk of freezing with their livestock, and graze livestock in closeby areas. Moreover, the elderly, disabled citizens, and young children are warned not to be left alone. 

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