State Freestyle Wrestling Championships sees fierce competition

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  • Jan 18,2018
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This year’s State Freestyle Wrestling Championships was held from January 12 to 14 at Khangarid Palace, Orkhon Province. Some 300 athletes from 25 companies have participated in the State Freestyle Wrestling Championships, which was held on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the historic event when a Mongolian wrestler brought the first ever medal from the Olympics and 40th anniversary of Erdenet Mining Corporation. On the first day, 61 kg, 70 kg, 79 kg and 92 kg weight categories of the men’s event, and 55 kg, 59 kg and 65 kg weight categories of the women’s event took place. Many great athletes took part in the men’s event, including two-time bronze medalist of the World Championships, State Merit Athlete E.Bekhbayar, six-time state champion and International Sports Master D.Gombodorj, and bronze medalist of Asian Championships and Student World Champion T.Tuvshintulga. B.Khaliunaa took the first medal (bronze) of the competition after winning against B.Dulguun, an athlete of Hasu Megastars Club, in the women’s 55 kg category. In the same weight category, E.Davaachimeg claimed her fourth gold medal from the State Championships. S.Battsetseg, 28, skillfully seized her sixth gold medal from the State Championships after defeating all of her opponents. She is regarded as one of the top wrestlers of the nation, having seized bronze, two silver and two gold medals from the World Championships. S.Battsetseg is also a Labor Hero, State Merit Athlete and the state champion of the years 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2018. In the men’s event, E.Bekhbayar took his fifth gold medal from the State Championships and D.Gombodorj claimed his seventh gold medal this year. Around 10 to 18 athletes participated in each weight category.   Results of the first day: Men’s event   61 kg Gold: E.Bekhbayar (Khangarid Sports Club) Silver: Ts.Chinzorig (Merged Khangai Sports Club) Bronze: T.Tuvshintulga (Avarguud Sports Club), B.Khash-Erdene (Aldar Sports Committee) 70 kg Gold: B.Byambadorj (Aldar Sports Committee) Silver: L.Batbayar (Genco Sports Club) Bronze: E.Temuulen (Hasu Megastars Club), G.Begzjav (Avarguud Sports Club) 79 kg Gold: D.Gombodorj (Merged Khangai Sports Club) Silver: G.Turbold (Genco Sports Club) Bronze: G.Tserenpuntsag (Khangarid Sports Club), D.Tugs-Erdene (Avragch Sports Club) 92 kg Gold: L.Turtogtokh (Arslan Sports Club) Silver: D.Dorjsuren (Avragch Sports Club) Bronze: Ch.Altangerel (Khilchin Sports Club), B.Ulziisaikhan (Hasu Megastars Sports Club)   Women’s event   55 kg Gold: E.Davaachimeg (Khilchin Sports Club) Silver: B.Bolor-Erdene (Aldar Sports Club) Bronze: B.Khaliunaa (Orkhon Sports Club), B.Khulan (Khangai Khairkhan Sports Club) 59 kg Gold: B.Shoovdor (Hasu Megastars Sports Club) Silver: E.Gantuya (Khilchin Sports Club) Bronze: N.Narantsatsral (Avarguud Sports Club), U.Purevsuren (Genco Sports Club) 65 kg Gold: S.Battsetseg (Khilchin Sports Club) Silver: O.Oyuntuya (Khuch Sports Club) Bronze: G.Purevtsetseg (Hasu Megastars Sports Club), E.Tsevegmid (Aldar Sports Club) The second day of the competition began with the weight check, followed by the matches for men’s 57 kg, 74 kg and 97 kg, and women’s 50 kg, 57 kg, 68 kg and 72 kg. On the second day, three-time bronze medalist of the World Championships, State Merit Athlete O.Nasanburmaa took her eighth State Championship title in the women’s 72 kg, while silver and bronze medalist of the Asian Championships Sh.Tumentsetseg took her sixth title in the 68 kg. Also, A.Battsetseg, a silver medalist of the World Junior Championships (Szombathely 2011), gold medalist of the World Youth Championships (Zagreb 2014) and U 23 World Championships, claimed a gold medal in the 57 kg category. In the men’s 74 kg event, State Merit Athlete G.Mandakhnaran defeated Z.Sumiyabazar in a clean win with a score of 11 - 0. In the men’s 97 kg event, bronze medalist of the Asian Games and Asian Championships P.Usukhbaatar, bronze medalist of the State Youth Championships B.Zorigtbaatar remained in the final. At the end of the exciting match, B.Zorigtbaatar took the victory with a score of 6 - 0 and became state champion for the first time. Results of the second day: Men’s event   57 kg (25 wrestlers) Gold: Ts.Tsogbadrakh (Aldar Sports Club) Silver: B.Tugs (Tugs Sports Club) Bronze: B.Tumentsogt (Hasu Megastars Sports Club), Ts.Mandalsuren (Aldartan Sports Club) 74 kg (23 wrestlers) Gold: G.Mandakhnaran (Aldar Sports Club) Silver: G.Sumiyabazar (Khangarid Sports Club) Bronze: G.Iderkhuu (Avarguud Academy), B.Batsukh (Hasu Megastars Sports Club) 97 kg (15 wrestlers) Gold: B.Zorigtbaatar (Merged Khangai Sports Club) Silver: P.Usukhbaatar (Khilchin Sports Club) Bronze: U.Batzul (Avragch Sports Club), B.Odsuren (Merged Khangai Sports Club)   Women’s event   50 kg (15 wrestlers) Gold: E.Narangerel (Khangarid Sports Club) Silver: Ts.Namuuntsetseg (Hasu Megastars Sports Club) Bronze: S.Enkhtungalag (Tugs Sports Club), N.Anudari (Avragch Sports Club) 57 kg (12 wrestlers) Gold: A.Battsetseg (Hasu Megastars Sports Club) Silver: B.Enkhtuvshin (Avragch Sports Club) Bronze: P.Shinekhuu (Aldar Sports Club), B.Bolortuya (Genco Sports Club) 68 kg (7 wrestlers) Gold: Sh.Tumentsetseg (Khilchin Sports Club) Silver: M.Khishigmaa (Khuch Sports Club) Bronze: Kh.Munkhtuya (Tsastyn Bars Sports Club), E.Davaanasan (Aldar Sports Club) 72 kg (11 wrestlers) Gold: O.Nasanburmaa (Genco Sports Club) Silver: Z.Bolortungalag (Khangai Khairkhan Club) Bronze: B.Davaatseren (Avarguud Sports Club), P.Nomin-Erdene (Aldar Sports Club) On the third day, men’s 65 kg, 86 kg and 125 kg, and women’s 53 kg, 62 kg and 76 kg category matches took place.