Stay-at-home fathers caring for children to receive allowances

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During its plenary session on May 6, Parliament amended the Law on Allowances for Mothers and Single Mothers with Many Children developed in connection with the approval of the Conclusion No. 1 of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia.

The Law on Allowances for Mothers and Single Mothers with Many Children provided for childcare allowances only for mothers who are caring a child under the age of three. The Constitution Court considered that this limits access to benefits for fathers caring for their children in the same circumstances, and creates gender-based discrimination for parents caring for their children.

The amendment to the law provides for the right of mothers and fathers caring for children under the age of three and twins under the age of four to receive benefits without duplication.

In accordance with the amendment to the law, new provision stipulating, “If a father or mother who received the benefit specified in Article 5.1.2 of this law went back to work before a child reaches the age of three, the benefit shall be paid to the mother or father who is caring for the child,” was added.

Moreover, the name of the law was changed to Law on Allowances for Mothers and Fathers with Many Children.

The law will come into force on July 1 this year.

During the session, Parliament planned to hold an initial discussion on the draft revision of Law on Deposits, Loans and Banking Transactions, but the bill was withdrawn and not discussed.

Speaker of Parliament G.Zandanshatar said, “The bill initiators B.Battumur, G.Amartuvshin and Kh.Bulgantuya submitted an official letter to withdraw the draft revision of the law. It was submitted in August 2020. The bill was withdrawn as it was considered necessary to incorporate it comprehensively.”

Misheel Lkhasuren