Stone inscriptions of Tsogtu Khung-Taiji registered in UNESCO

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         Stone Inscriptions of Tsogtu Khung-Taiji, Prince of Khalkha has been registered in the list of International Documentary Heritage of UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” program. At the meeting of the International Consultative Committee of the UNESCO Memory of the World program held in May 2023 in Paris, France, the documentary heritage materials nominated by member countries were studied and discussed. There, 64 unique monuments were registered in the list of the International Documentary Heritage of the program, including the inscription nominated by Mongolia.

Researchers consider the Tsogtu Prince Rock Inscription to be a unique work of 17th-century Mongolian poetry that incorporates pre-Qing Buddhist poetic styles. The inscription is a historical work that shows the unity of Mongolians who fought against the Manchurian invasion policy during the reign of Ligden Khutagt Khan. Currently, a total of 430 documentary heritages have been registered in UNESCO’s International List of Documentary Heritage. Among them, 5 documentary heritages registered are in our country. In 2011, Luvsandanzan’s Golden Button, “Mongolian Shunkhan Danjuur”, Nine Gems Pendant were registered in 2017, and Stone Inscriptions of Tsogtu Khung-Taiji, Prince of Khalkha was registered this year.

Among the basic criteria for registration, the documentary heritage should not only be in its original original form, but also be well preserved in its original form, have global value and significance, and have a special and significant impact on world history and human civilization. The activities of the program are directed at supporting and confirming the protection of heritage of international, regional and national importance by registering documentary heritage in international and regional heritage registers, to increase the awareness of their protection in member countries and communities, and to develop cooperation and mutual exchange within member countries regarding the protection of this type of heritage.

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