Tattoo artist portraits displayed as public art

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  • Oct 26,2016
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An exhibition featuring the photographed portraits of Mongolian tattoo artists is now on display on the graffiti wall along Sun Road (Narnii Zam), installed on October 22, across from Mongol Em Impex Concern. mongolian_metal_heads (8)-150930-1872917146 Photographer and designer Kh.Enkhbayar (better known as Tavka Zurgaajin) decided to open his second solo exhibition, “Mongolian Tattoo Artists”, on the street as public art. The exhibition features Kh.Enkhbayar’s portraits of 12 Mongolian tattoo artists who listen to heavy metal music, Tegshee, Ka, Hand, Ganbold, Byambaa, Bat, Tegsh-Yuruult, Abo, Bee, Tumur Nar, Jack, and Halzaa, as an extension of the artist’s 2013 “Mongolian Metal Heads” project The black and white portraits were taken with a Hasselblad 500 cm camera. Kh.Enkhbayar said, “I fell in love with photography in 2008. My cousin gave me a camera and wanted me to take photos of him. Taking photos was very interesting to me... I like taking portraits and concert photos. I don’t know why.” Kh.Enkhbayar said, “Half of my friends are photographers and half of them are rockers. That’s why I started working on the ‘Mongolian Metal Heads’ project. The theme was close to me. I started to plan the project at the end of 2012. My aim for the project is to keep metal music lovers alive and share what they use and which bands they listen.” He said about his portrait exhibition, “One special thing about this exhibition is that I displayed the portraits on the street. I thought that would be interesting. I am shooting portraits of Mongolian choppers in the near future.” Kh.Enkhbayar won the Mongolian Flickr group’s prize for “Best Portrait Photography of the Year” in 2009, and was a winner of the “My LUMIX” photography show in 2011. Tattoo and photography enthusiasts are encouraged to see the exhibition before it disappears. As public art, the photographs will remain on the wall as long as the elements or passersby allow. mongolian_metal_heads (3)-150916-747959494 mongolian_metal_heads (6)-150925-453342744