Teachers’ meeting launches in State Palace

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The first meeting of teachers of the vocational training centers was held at the State Palace on Thursday under the support of Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh.

State officials and representatives discussed the issues with relevant sector delegates and teachers regarding economics, social impact, workforce development, attitudes, the fourth industrial revolution, innovation, market demand, and providing job skills.

In his opening speech, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh underlined that the government is working on developing a good system for training skilled workers, to improve the skills of teachers and students, to facilitate effective public-private partnerships, and to provide graduates with permanent employment opportunities. He mentioned that oil refineries, thermal power stations, coal briquette factories, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, Chinggis Khaan Museum, Natural History Museum, State Drama and Opera Theater, residential apartments, development of water supply, road construction and mining sectors lack human resources. He added that the government has to work together with vocational training centers and train people with disabilities.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection S.Chinzorig said that inter-sectoral coordination between training centers and labor training partnerships is not working well and they have to really define labor demand and supply. He added that there is a requirement to renew funding and methodological support schemes of training centers.

The government increased the wages of instructors and teachers of vocational training centers and offered a 10 percent bonus upon retirement as well as a one-time bonus equal to 36 months’ salary. Officials underlined that the government will increase monthly allowances by 100,000 MNT starting next year.

Some 84 vocational training centers are currently operating in Mongolia -- 51 are state-owned and 33 are private. Over 39,000 students are studying 230 disciplines across 16 sectors, includes industry, construction, transportation, mining, and others.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar