The beauty of love through photography

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  • May 30,2016
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What is more representative of love between two people than marriage? And when it comes to photographing this very special event in one’s lifetime, there is a risk of falling into cliched, deja-vu photos that can be seen and found everywhere. Yet photographer Sainjargal Sambalkhundev is far from doing that and takes wedding photography to a whole new level – and his images can be admired at the Blue Moon Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar. Sambalkhundev, who was an accounting teacher before turning photography into a full-time career, started taking wedding photos in 2008. So far he has taken pictures of nearly 300 couples, with a beautiful and refreshing look on his client’s weddings. Since the start of his career, he has presented several exhibitions, his first one in 2008, a joint exhibition. He then presented his exhibition entitled “Color and Black and White” in 2009, and he took part in a joint exhibition called “Beautiful Mongolia” this year. ub post 2This new display which focuses on wedding photography is definitely a must-see and features some really interesting works, which surprise the viewer by their originality and singularity. Photography connoisseurs as well as neophytes can be sure to find the exhibition to their liking, as it really is a feast for the eyes. Sambalkhundev gives the public a great insight on the beautiful Mongolian weddings, and all his photographs truly reflect the intensity of the moment: love is to be seen in every single look. The interest of his work mainly lies in the variety of views conveyed in his pictures, going from classic images to others much more unique ones; with low-angle shots, people wearing traditional outfits or the usual tuxedos and white dresses, and photos set at home, outside or out in the open, in the stunning Mongolian countryside. The images, showing either the bride or groom alone, the couple together or with their bridesmaids, always convey a deep feeling of joyfulness and delight. What is really interesting as well are the detail shots, such as stilettos or champagne bottles, and it is also nice to see what is going on before the ceremony itself; brides getting ready, sometimes helped by their husband-to-be, and reflecting on this turning point in their lives. ub post 3Last but not least, some other shots get away from the seriousness of the commitment and are really funny, showing for instance groomsmen being amazed at the groom’s wedding ring, or bridesmaid and groomsmen trying to split the couple up. The decoration of the exhibition also goes with the theme of marriage; in the beautiful venue, colored and white flowers and bouquets ornate the walls. Sainjargal Sambalkhundev’s unique and refreshing look on marriages and wedding photography is to be seen at Blue Moon Gallery until May 31.