The future of Mongolian fine arts

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  • Apr 22,2016
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By LUCY THOMPSON A joint exhibition by the graduates of the Mongolian School of Fine Arts is running at Q Gallery until April 29. This collection explores the students’ inner worlds and their connection with the changing world around them. The School of Fine Arts, which is 60 years old, holds a portfolio exhibition every year and this summer’s graduates worked on developing the creativity of their paintings compared to previous years. Each of the 14 artists produced three paintings, expressing one idea in three different forms: realist, abstract, and modern. Through their work, the students aim to discuss the future of Mongolian contemporary fine arts. In addition to their exploration of fine arts, they also consider their own futures and the future of the country. For example, "The Wait’ by M.Davaasuren depicts a young woman standing at a window. Behind her is a scene of traditional family life, with many children and a  mother cradling a baby, yet the woman is turned away from this world to the world beyond. Similarly, B.Enktuvshin’s paintings show the changes in ger camps over time. The scene moves from the bright sun and lush grass of "A Day with Rain" to dark clouds and a grey sky pierced only by a passing plane. The lack of color in "In the Night Sky" emphasises the stark contrast between the airplane and the ger camp. Like "The Wait", this painting reflects on the divide between the future of a modernized Mongolia and its old, traditional lifestyle and values. Other paintings, such as "Inner World" and "The World of I" focus more on the artist. S.Enkhjikh considers the influence of history on the individual, showing solitary ghostlike figures in a futuristic building, or gazing at a vivid galactic landscape with landmarks from the past. The bold, defined pictures and intense colors in these paintings convey the strength of emotion and the engagement of the students with their subject. This exhibition runs from April 20 through April 29 at Q Gallery, west of Bella Vista. The Wait by M.Davaasuren The Wait by M.Davaasuren[/caption] Inner World by S.Enkhjikh Inner World by S.Enkhjikh[/caption] In the World of I by S.Enkhjikh In the World of I by S.Enkhjikh[/caption] In the Night Sky by B.Enkhtuvshin In the Night Sky by B.Enkhtuvshin[/caption] Astral by S.Enkhjikh A Day with Rain by B.Enkhtuvshin A Day with Rain by B.Enkhtuvshin[/caption]