‘The Hu’ band plans to host a Virtual Concert in Metaverse

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The “City-Tech Tokyo 2023” exhibition will be held in the capital of Japan to involve startup companies with new ideas and technological capabilities in creating a sustainable city, overcoming the challenges of population aging and infrastructure problems in the world’s major cities, and developing sustainable cities. On February 27 and 28, two Mongolian companies participated in this exhibition under the theme “Creating a sustainable future based on innovation in cooperation with start-ups and startups”.

S.Battsengel, executive director of “Metaforce” LLC, representing Mongolia in the exhibition, said, “More than 300 companies from 100 cities of more than 30 countries are participating in the exhibition. For companies, it is a very important event to attract investment, promote their products and services, and establish relationships with each other. We are participating with our Metaland Metaverse product. This project will create communication and services in the virtual world. In other words, by joining our metaland, you can easily access all services in one place through your avatar. In addition, companies can establish virtual branches and present their business. Metaland belongs to the category of mirror world, so the services received in the virtual world are implemented in the real environment.

He also continued, “The platform was launched last November. In this well-illustrated and realistic world, you can interact with others, go for walks around the city, or even visit museums, using your avatar to represent yourself. To do this, you just need to download the ‘Metaland Metaverse’ application, register for free with your e-mail address and create your own avatar. On March 30, we are going to organize the concert of ‘The Hu’ band in the metaverse environment. Several meetings have been scheduled in this context. Also, our company is implementing an accessible or sign language metaverse concept.”

P.Purevbazar, executive director of “Fibo Global” LLC, a participant in the event, said, “Our company was established in 2018 and within two years has become a leader in cloud technology. We make operating systems for data centers. In other words, using our operating system, data centers can create more modern mobile and web applications. Last year, our company signed an agreement with Kazakhstan and set the stage to enter the Central Asian market. The business market based on cloud technology is expected to grow by 10 to 20 percent globally, and in Japan alone, it will become a market with a turnover of 100 billion USD within two years. I came to study the future trends of this market and the level of technology.”

The “City-Tech Tokyo 2023” event is attended by more than 10,000 people, including city leaders, executives, large companies, startups, investors, universities, and the media industry.

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