Traverse nature at ‘Anir’ art show

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Emerging contemporary artist M.Tsaschikher has launched her third solo exhibition “Anir” to showcase the singular beauty of spring.


The artist appealed to not only collective experience but also intuition and nature in order to explore humans, animals, their inner selves, and their relationship with the outside world. In this art show, she centered on the fascinatingly systematic structure and formative power inherent to nature. Her masterpieces provide surprising and thought-provoking impulses for tracing the relationship between art and nature.


M.Tsaschiker’s artworks display the unique colors of Mother Nature. In particular, she used light colors to portray springtime. For instance, she painted the beauty of nature in green, red, pink, and blue colors, skillfully blending them to show the colorful season.


The young artist often draws winged creatures, especially swallows. Swallows are small, with pointed narrow wings, short bills, and small weak feet, but they are known for darting to high elevations in the sky and gracefully playing with each other midair. They are among the most agile of passerine birds. M.Tsaschikher explains that swallows are “moving art in the sky”. The images of these birds come together on a colorful background, reminiscent of the bright days of spring.


The artist’s work has been widely exhibited. More specifically, she hosted her solo exhibitions in 2014 and 2015, as well as participated in more than 25 joint, domestic and international art exhibitions.

M.Tsaschikher graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Design of Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture with a bachelor’s degree in 2002. She also holds a master’s degree in art studies.

The “Anir” exhibition will be on display at the MN Art Gallery through May 9.

Misheel Lkhasuren