Unity of Asia and Europe depicted in 'Pillars of ASEM' portrait exhibition

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  • Jul 20,2016
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Last week, when the world was learning about Mongolia and the 11th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), the “Pillars of ASEM” portrait exhibition was one of the most popular attractions organized for the international delegates who arrived in Ulaanbaatar. Original oil on canvas portraits depicted the leaders and heads of state of Asian and European partners of ASEM amidst the blue skies of our Mother Earth, symbolizing the unity of all nations under the sky. There were portraits of heads of state and high-ranking authorities from 51 countries and the leaders of two international organizations. Union of Mongolian Artists member T.Chingis painted the portraits. The portrait exhibition was displayed in the large ger of Chinggisiin Khuree Tourist Camp, located southeast of Chinggis Khaan International Airport. In September 2015, Former Member of Parliament N.Batbayar, an art lover and owner of a large collection of paintings and artwork, initiated the idea to display the portraits of heads of ASEM partner countries during the ASEM Summit, and asked artist T.Chingis to work on the project to paint the portraits. T.Chingis painted the portraits over the course of nearly an entire year. Over that time, the presidents of three countries changed and the artist had to paint the portraits of the presidents of Laos and Portugal again. T.Chingis told the local media that all 53 portraits make up an entire masterpiece, being placed in a circle, and emphasized that the portraits on their own  could not be called a masterpiece. The exhibition's visitors –official foreign delegates of ASEM - were impressed by T.Chingis’ masterpiece, saying that the portraits looked like photographs. T.Chingis explained that his portrait paintings are the result of his thorough research on the subjects and their faces. He noted that he tried to paint all of the 53 foreign delegates smiling. “There were no easy portraits to paint. The portraits that required more hard work were the portraits of women. A woman’s portrait has ample features. An artist should paint a woman by making her more beautiful, highlighting her outward beauty,” T.Chingis recalled about creating the portraits of the ASEM delegates. When the ASEM portrait project began, T.Chingis spent 10 days on average to finish each portrait, and in the long run, he was finishing one portrait in five days. The dimensions of all the portraits are 93 by 39 centimeters. T.Chingis used black and white oil paint. T.Chingis has been painting portraits for the last ten consecutive years and has done  portraits of over 500 people, including politicians, celebrities, and athletes. Park Guen-hye, President of South Korea Shinzo Abe, Prime Minsiter of Japan Ts.Elbedorj, President of Mongolia Vladimir Putin, President of Russia Xi Jinping, Leader of People's Republic of China David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK Doanld Tusk, President of European Council Joachim Gauck, President of Germany