World Horse Archery Championships organized

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                                                                                                                      The World Horse Archery Championship was successfully held in Mongolia for the first time between September 5 and 10. The International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) and the Mongolian Horseback Archers’ Association organized the championship, and 90 archers from 20 countries participated in the competition.

All competitors rode the Tower, Raid 235, and Hunt Tracks and then the top 20 athletes competed in Mongol Ball Hunting. Chief referee was IHAA level 4 judge Gabriela Osiecka. According to the results of the team, the athletes of the French team won first place, the athletes of the Mongolian team took second place, and the athletes of the Kazakhstan team took third place.

Moreover, IHAA, as a world governing body for horseback archery, works to create a competitive sport that can be enjoyed at all levels, from local club participation to elite international competition. IHAA aims to create a supportive community based around good sportsmanship and high levels of horse welfare, rooted in collaborative governance and a published rulebook.

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